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Happy National Coming Out Day 2014!
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Happy National Coming Out Day 2014!

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Oct 1, 2014

STOP DONT SHOOT … But they don’t hear us though
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STOP DONT SHOOT … But they don’t hear us though

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Everything Love
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Ways to make a guy fall madly in love with you
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The moon and the stars

You ever stop to wonder why the moon and the stars appear together?
Why the stars shine bright
But never as bright as the moon
Why they glimmer behind the moon
Like an entourage of beauty admiring their greater form
You’re my moon
I stand behind you as your protector
Your company
I sprinkle myself in every space that surrounds you so that you never feel alone.
I shine alongside you when nights come that you feel dull
But you
You are my aspiration
What I look to be
How I look to grow
Your strength and visibility
Your power to shift oceans and ability to transform
I’ll always be the stars that surround you
But you
You are my moon
The light that guides me
The versatile diversity
Taking on only classic beautiful shapes
That I could only dream to be like.
I love you moon, I’ll rise and set alongside you every night.
When you don’t shine as bright and when Im not as visible.
Well still rise. And set.
With each other
That’s truly what makes us special.

Sep 3, 2014

Unconditional Love

Today I spoke to my boss about a common topic, love. He’s mentioned the idea of living with love before, taught to him by his spiritual beliefs and I knew I agreed with him but today as I felt my world crumbling and the anxiety of fear took over me I realized that what he says is true.

To know true love is not to have someone you obsess over, it isn’t to about fights or materialistic things. It’s about getting to that unconditional point. Once you’re there nothing else matters. Loving people unconditionally is the most difficult task known to man. It means loving a person when they’re right and loving them when they’re wrong. Loving them enough to let them make mistakes and making decisions based on love, not on glorious self absorbed ideas.

Like I said it’s the hardest thing to do in the world. Love someone even when you don’t feel they deserve it, love someone when they don’t love themselves, love them enough to walk away, stay or fight. But living by the act of love means complete selflessness. If you don’t think you’re capable of that then you’re not ready for true love.

I think about the conflicts I have, about how minuscule they are. Insignificant. How millions of other people are losing their lives, fighting, struggling, dealing with infidelity and betrayal. I reflect on the walks home that those issues we have are entirely my fault. Anything from being needy to demanding and territorial. I realize that to love you unconditionally I must work with your current, not against it. I must listen before I speak and feel before I act. Take this as a public apology, a claim of unconditional love. I may make mistakes and stumble down this road we walk together but in my mind and heart the pleasure of the journey and the destination is the same, it starts with you.

If you’re reading this then you have a chance at unconditional love. Living by love teaches you things about yourself, others and the world. Living by love makes decisions more satisfying and change your mindset from having to do something, to do something because you want to.

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